The organizing committee welcomes participants to the 15th International Biochemistry of Exercise Congress (IBEC) in Stockholm, Sweden, June 17-21, 2012!


The scientific program consists of symposia, tutorial lectures, point/counterpoint sessions, poster sessions and a post-doc/PhD student day. The meeting will highlight important themes in the wide field of biochemistry of exercise. The intention is that each symposium, with its own focus, will contextualize the relevance of the available evidence in a critical manner.


The program brings up topics such as muscle metabolism, fatigue, signaling in adaptation to exercise, computational biology in exercise research, regulation of muscle mass, mitochondrial function and biogenesis, crosstalk between cells and tissues, nutrition and training adaptation and more.


The social program includes a welcome reception and a banquet. One of the main reasons for choosing to organize IBEC2012 in June is the wonderful light at this time of the year. The meeting will be held at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) in central Stockholm – very close to the 1912 Olympic Stadium.


We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm in June 2012!


Carl Johan Sundberg

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for IBEC2012