Abstract submission

Abstract submission process and dates                                    

The abstract submission is closed.

Important dates

March 25: Deadline for abstract submission.

At the latest March 31: Notification to authors

Presentation type

Poster is the standard format but some selected abstracts will, in addition to poster, be selected for oral presentation. Please select “poster” as presentation form when submitting your abstract if you do not want be selected to present orally.


Invited speakers do not need to submit an abstract, previously submitted abstract/synopsis will be used.



75 characters (excl. blanks) 


150 words


Organize the abstract with the headlines: Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusion. If applicable please include these headlines in the text.


Topics (1-8)

1. Muscle metabolism and fatigue

2. Computational biology and epigenetics in exercise research.

3. Regulation of muscle mass in health and disease.

4. Physical activity/inactivity and metabolic disease.

5. Mitochondrial function and biogenesis.

6. Biological crosstalk – interaction between organs.

7. Nutrition and training adaptation.

8. Other


Ethics approval

Please indicate if ethics approval has been obtained for your work.


If you have any questions regarding the abstract submission please contact the abstract secretariat at abstracts-sweden@mci-group.com