PhD student & Post Doc day


Would you like to get inspired about your current research and future career?
Come join the special event for PhD students and Post Docs at IBEC!

At this event, you will be able to listen to scientific presentations by other PhD students and Post docs, experience a networking session that will encourage you to interact with your peers, and participate in a career planning seminar held by invited speakers from within and outside the academia.
The programme is designed by and for PhD students and Post docs. Seize this opportunity to meet new faces from the whole exercise science research field and to get the tools to discover how you can take the next step in your professional and personal development. Complimentary food and beverages will be provided throughout the day, and naturally, this session oriented to young researchers will come to an end with a get-together over some snacks and drinks, that is part of the main conference.
Indicate when you register if you plan to attend the PhD & Post doc day.

See you there!


Day: 17th of June

Place: The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

Time                 Activity

9.30                  Coffee/Registration

10.00                Scientific presentations, session 1. Moderator: Johanna

                        Per Frank - Acute exercise reverses starvation-mediated insulin
                        resistance in humans
                        Sarah Lessard - Novel mechanisms linking exercise resistance
                        and metabolic dysfunction
                        Brennan Smith
- Skeletal muscle malonyl-CoA kinetics revisited
                        and the influence of palmitoyl-CoA

11.00                Career workshop, including post docs sharing their career

12.15                Lunch (included)

13.30                Scientific presentations, session 2. Moderator: William Apro

                        Jon Bartlett - Reduced carbohydrate availability enhances
                        exercise-induced p53 signaling in humans
                        Evgeny Lysenko
- The signaling events accompanying the
                        different protocols of resistance exercise
                        Marcus Moberg
- The importance of leucine in protein signaling
                        after resistance exercise in females

14.30                Networking workshop

15.30                Coffee break

16.00                Scientific presentations, session 3. Moderator: Chris Perry

                        Arthur Cheng - Mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant cannot prevent
                        fatigue-induced force loss
                        Gui Jia Lim
- A possible mediator of muscle fatigue: Protein thiol
                        Andreas Montelius
- Global muscle gene expression after sprint

17.00                End of program

17.30                Get-together: buffet and beer (included in the main conference)



For questions regarding the PhD/Post-Doc Day please send an e-mail to